Faith Across Generations

In the heart of Anaco, Venezuela, Pastor Anderson faced a challenge that is all too common in modern ministry: bridging the generational gap in his church to reach all members with the Word of God. Feeling the weight of his responsibility, he sought new ways to share the gospel among his congregation, especially the younger members, who seemed increasingly detached from Jesus’ teachings.

This disconnection in his church left Pastor Anderson searching for effective ways to engage the youth and he started looking for resources to help him.
While scrolling through Instagram, he stumbled across an ad from CV Resources (an initiative of CV) which promoted a training course called ‘Generational Discipleship’. Intrigued, he signed up to undertake the training.

The course covered topics on leadership and discipleship across different generations which inspired Pastor Anderson to adapt aspects of his leadership style to better connect with the younger members of his congregation.

The newfound knowledge and strategies gleaned from CV Resources’ training changed his approach to ministry. He shared these learnings with key leaders from his church, and together, they feel equipped to reach every generation in their congregation with the gospel.


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