Our mobilisation activities equip and mobilise Christians to evangelise in partially reached areas, by a magnitude that shifts the spiritual landscape of that country. We provide training, community and discipleship to Christians who are hesitant to share their faith, and equip local churches to connect with those who are searching for answers online


CV Outreach connects people who encounter evangelistic content online to a local church or believer near them, providing a bridge between the online and offline world and a valuable opportunity to engage in conversations about Jesus.

The yesHEis community is a space for Christians to come together in the name of personal evangelism and share their experiences. Its mission is to motivate and equip Christians with the resources and training to share the gospel in a personal and meaningful way. Through yesHEis, millions of people around the world can access powerful content and tools to help people know Jesus.

Radio Christian Voice is an FM Christian radio station and leader in providing high-quality, contemporary programming for news, health, economy, fashion, music and the current market. The station works closely with the Christian community to influence Zambian culture for Christ by placing an emphasis on evangelism and discipleship throughout its content offering.

CVCLAVOZ is the largest multi-platform content provider in the Christian Hispanic world. It aims to mobilise Spanish-speaking Christians to share their faith through interactive, presenter-led content and 24/7 programming that is high on social media engagement and delivered through online platforms and traditional radio, with more than 555 active affiliate radio stations transmitting CVCLAVOZ content.


The Journey is a discipleship platform that uses a Facebook page and groups to empower young Christians to be committed to the journey of growth. The groups follow a weekly curriculum of video content and discussion topics.


Sharek Online exists to equip the Christian church in the Middle East with gospel resources that speak to the distinct spiritual needs of the audience and counter the negative messages of hatred, violence and death with a Christian worldview of love, acceptance and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.