1 Billion for Jesus (1BPJ) is a mass movement that calls on the churches of Mexico to come together, regardless of their particular Christian affiliations, and take to the streets of the nation to share and celebrate the Gospel. On June 28th, as part of 1BPJ, approximately 25,000 people went to Mexican hospitals, jails, malls […]

Javier reached out to our Latin America team via the yesHEis app. He had experienced a powerful encounter with Jesus which had made him realise that there was a void in his life. Ruth from our yesHEis team spent time online with Javier. She helped him to see that Jesus could fill the void if […]

The situation in Venezuela remains unstable and volatile. This will likely worsen as many churches, including a CV partner church, have been cited in a government investigation as ‘US government agents, funded to manipulate the people’. Complete madness! The government has already investigated 17,000 churches, and 2,000 are alleged to be involved in anti-government actions. […]

Lou Torres, one of our featured writers for CVCLAVOZ, wrote this moving blog about an impactful encounter that she had with a young girl whilst working as a translator. Her blog reminds us of God’s greatness and love, and reminds us to examine who Jesus is to us. This blog has been translated from Spanish. […]

CVCLAVOZ is the largest multi-platform content provider in the Christian Hispanic world, servicing over 575 radio stations in 25 countries globally. CVCLAVOZ’s impact is far reaching and is helping to achieve our vision of touching one billion lives for Christ. Joseph from an affiliate radio station in Spain recently sent our CVCLAVOZ team in Latin […]

Luis* reached out to our Latin America team via yesHEis. He shared with our team that he was struggling and confused, and worried that God did not accept him. Soraida from our response team spent time online with Luis telling him about the love, grace and mercy of God. She presented Luis with a path […]

Hernan and his wife Agus are evangelists, but they may not be what you would expect. Whilst their days involve work, chores and the daily grind, they do all of these things with a different focus. Of this they say: “We live for our mission.” Street evangelism isn’t an activity that they plan out, rather […]

“The Lord is good and his mercy endures forever.” 2 Chronicles 7:3 Despite all of the mishaps, we end the month with a heart full of joy and gratitude to God for all that he has done in Venezuela. Another three beautiful churches were opened here this month and we have seen a steady growth […]

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this. Psalm 37:5 We had yet another month in which our hearts were filled with joy and gratitude, seeing the hand of the Lord working our behalf. We began the month of May by launching another beautiful church in celebration of God […]

The CV team in Latin America created this Mother’s Day evangelism video, asking the question: Can you see God’s care in every situation? View the video here (Note: video is in Portuguese)