We work to introduce a million people to Jesus each day in predominantly unreached areas, through optimised social media advertising and effective gospel content, alongside on-the-ground and digital pioneering activities



1Africa aims to reach Africans with the message of Jesus over social media and the internet. We produce content that not only speaks to the distinct spiritual needs of our audience, but conveys the good news in a native tone and language that is easily relatable.

Eliora is an adventure game designed to share the gospel through gaming. It follows the story of two orphaned boys searching for their missing sister. In the process, they deal with their deep-rooted feelings of unworthiness and rejection, and find their true worth in an unexpected encounter with Jesus.

Algo Diferente reaches Latin American people (Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries) who are searching for “why”. This purpose-focused platform seeks to inspire people to find Jesus, encouraging them to change their tomorrow by doing something different today.

Fellow presents the good news of Jesus across multiple digital platforms to people in European countries, and creates opportunities for people who are exploring faith to connect with online volunteers. The goal of Fellow is to lead people to salvation and a life of ongoing discipleship.

The National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) partners with national churches and pioneers to impact their nations for Christ through in-person and/or digital evangelism and discipleship, or a combination of both. Pioneering projects may involve two people, or 200 people, and aim to produce sustainable, locally-run churches.

Veritable is an initiative of CV North America that introduces people to the good news of Jesus by meeting them where they are in the middle of their needs and struggles.


Sawt exists to address topics and questions from an apologetics point of view in order to engage with Arab Middle Eastern atheists, agnostics and thinkers with the Christian faith. Christianity is presented as logical and intellectually sound, and content aims to answer tough questions in a logical and reasoned way to introduce people from Arabic speaking nations to the message, mission and person of Jesus Christ.