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At CV, we believe that a relationship with Jesus is the answer to every need and we believe that the Church is the central piece of God’s plan to reach the world with this good news. We therefore strive to equip the local church to share the message of Jesus and to care for those who are hurting in their communities.
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CV Outreach is an evangelistic program that allows any church partner to utilize the latest in digital technologies to reach their local community. This is not a strategy for growing your church; this is a strategy for growing the Kingdom of God. Our heart is to introduce people to Jesus and connect them to the local church in hopes that they would become true followers of him.

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of people are looking for answers online to their felt needs. Perhaps they are facing a divorce. Perhaps they are incredibly lonely. Perhaps they are consumed by anxious thoughts. They may be curious about who this Jesus-person is. We believe that, in this moment of openness to different perspectives and viewpoints, we should give them an opportunity to engage with the Gospel in front of them, and ask questions.

CV Outreach works to ensure that any genuine interest in the gospel results in an individual online connecting with an individual offline for help, support and ultimately discipleship. Our goal is always to help your church make meaningful connections with people in your community.

CV Outreach is free and has a dedicated team who are passionate about seeing explorers become true followers of Jesus.


How it works

The reality is, people are naturally turning to the internet for answers to their questions. We believe that your church is uniquely positioned to address these questions, and can provide the community what they need to source their answers.

We work with qualifying church partners to drive explorers to connect with them after viewing relevant gospel content centred around felt needs. We work tirelessly to drive digital traffic with the use of powerful advertising strategies. Our digital properties are optimized to encourage explorers to respond via multiple messaging options. Responses are then routed to the closest local church partner.

In addition, we work with various other organization partners who also drive interest in the gospel. Responses sent through these partners are channeled back into the CV church partner network to connect explorers to the local church. The result is that your church website becomes a powerful 24/7 outreach tool in your community!

Discipleship happens in the context of relationship. What better way to begin discipling the lost than by meeting them where they are, online, and continuing that relationship face to face.

The Process


Complete the simple form below to connect with a CV team member and learn about the CV Outreach activities that are available in your area.


Once we have all the information we need and you have been verified for partnership, we will guide you through the technical aspects of this service. There is no need to be a tech genius, we’ll hold your hand the whole way!


Our team will then start to implement proven strategies on your behalf. Our digital marketing team will work tirelessly to increase targeted traffic to the gospel-themed landing page hosted on your church’s website. And, when you start receiving responses from explorers, our community team is available to answer any of your questions!


Whatever the size of church you lead, these tools will help to extend your online reach, connecting people who are hurting to the local church and, ultimately, to God.

Partner Church Diligently Pursues Seekers

When asked by the CV Outreach team, “Is your church used to seeing these types of ministry opportunities?” one paster answered, “We are now.”
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A Story of Impact

A partner church was able to connect with a woman who had lost her job, was fighting a drug addiction and was having marital troubles.
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Are you interested in knowing more about how CV can help you connect with online explorers in your community?

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