‘I lost the one I loved’ is a short film created by our CV North America team. The film’s purpose is to help people who’ve lost a loved one and are struggling. It reminds us that ‘there is hope and you are not alone’.  Watch here.

Our CV North America team have recently been exploring how to keep someone engaged with a video on a particular subject that they’ve searched. The team have been testing various theories to ensure that we are always maximising the chances of getting online explorers to ‘Click to Connect’. The team recently compared how the same […]

Did you know that over 12 thousand people a month type “self worth” into the Google search bar? In our society’s quest for perfection and worthiness, it’s no wonder that so many of us question God and ask why he didn’t make us cuter, smarter, happier, richer, taller…. Born with a large cancerous birthmark, Lindsey […]

Our North America team has been working hard to introduce more people to Jesus. To this end, the content team have been focussing on creating content around certain keywords that have been identified as the most influential in increasing the reach and impact of our content.  The Content team has also recently filmed 18 videos […]

This video, created by CV Latin America and repurposed by CV USA, is helping us to reach people with the Gospel in the US and Canada. Through CV Outreach, the video is getting plenty of traffic via landing pages, using the Google Ad Grant, and has allowed us to reach and bless even more people […]

Learning how different teams operate and innovate can help us to be better and brighter. Our CV North America team recently experienced this firsthand when our manager organised for us to work through the principles in the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – A Leadership Fable, by Patrick Lencioni. Lencioni details the five […]

One of our CV Outreach partner churches in North America has been welcoming large numbers of people who responded to our Introduction to Jesus campaigns. The church, led by Pastor J, has used conversation, counselling and compassion to help these newcomers connect to Christ. Through one of the outreach initiatives, his church was able to […]

The Friday before Easter weekend, we had the opportunity to film with Steven Ger of Sojourner Ministries, an organisation that seeks to ‘explore the Jewish heart of Christianity’. During our time with Steven, we knew we had two keyword topics to cover: Messiah and Passover. The Passover video took precedence because it had an expiration […]

On a monthly basis in the U.S. and Canada, over 74,000 people Google ‘anger management’, and almost 15,000 search for answers relating to ‘anger issues’. Given such high search traffic for this issue, CV North America created a video that focuses on this topic, to reach people who are struggling with anger and longing for […]

CV Outreach connects online explorers, many of whom are struggling or searching for answers, to local churches. This is just one story of a troubled family transformed after being connected to a CV Outreach church partner: Having arrived at a CV Outreach landing page about marriage in early December 2018, a young woman reached out […]