CV’s North America team has been busy producing a series of talking-head videos, each coupled with a themed quiz, aimed at non-Christians.

Following a digital advertisement, users seeking answers on specific topics are invited to take a quiz, after which they are invited to connect with a local church partner.

The videos on their own are also available for any ministry seeking ways to open up conversation around tricky topics such as depression, toxic relationships, loss, and stress. 

Furthermore, ministries are invited to repurpose these videos for their own quizzes. We just want our audiences to know that Jesus does care, especially in times of mourning. 

Our videos are optimised for response so it is our hope that through them we will create a lasting impact that moves viewers toward discipleship in connection with a church community. 

Click here to watch and download Depression Quiz, then visit our library of CV Resources for other free content to use and share.


Our content can support your church or organisation with more effective evangelism and discipleship strategies.