Developed for CV’s church partners and designed to facilitate confident conversations, the CV Americas team in Brazil recently launched their very first CV Outreach Respondent Training course. 

CV Outreach operates on the premise that local churches are the best institutions to share the gospel. They are also well-positioned to provide discipleship. This training course equips churches to embrace the digital environment in which they are receiving and responding to online messages, daily

CV teams all over the world work toward the same vision, to Touch-a-Billion people with the gospel message, so, in 2019, Carolina Fedoruk, our Brazil team’s Community Manager, visited CV Europe’s office in Ukraine, to learn more about what they were doing to achieve the vision.

Armed with ideas, Carolina returned home to mobilise the content team to begin producing scripts and video content that would cater to Brazilian culture and the needs of church partners in Brazil. However, by the time the content was ready to be recorded in video, COVID-19 struck and all team members were asked to work from home.  

Eventually, the team was able to step back into the recording studio and the product was finally uploaded to the CV Training platform, just in time to share the news with church partners from all over Brazil at the 2020 CV Outreach Summit.

The launch of this online training is a milestone for CV Outreach Brazil. For the first time since the project’s introduction, quality video content has been dedicated to train church partners in digital evangelism with access to this content provided for free.

We pray this new training program equips our church partners with the confidence to expertly engage with those who reach out in response to online gospel content.

Click here to learn more about this free CV training.


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