Produced especially for Easter 2020, Lifeline explores the idea that Jesus is the rescuer of humanity.

Romans 5:6-8 tells us that God demonstrated his love for humanity by having Christ die for us (despite the existence of sin). Motivated by this Scripture, we set out to make something that screamed: through Jesus, God gave humanity a LIFELINE.

This season brings about a unique opportunity for the church to share this message because it is the season where, in our culture, God’s love for humanity is front and centre. Whether you follow Jesus, or you don’t, drowning in life’s circumstances is a shared human experience. And, during these times, we’ve all been known to ask where God is in all of this.

With Lifeline we wanted to illustrate how Jesus comes to his best at exactly these times. It is in these drowning moments that Jesus intersects, comes to our rescue, and breathes his life back into us.

Whether it’s depression, anxiety, loneliness or lack of direction, drowning is human. We all need a lifeline.

Watch Lifeline here.



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