After nearly five decades of junta rule, 2010 was a remarkable year for Myanmar; not only was it Myanmar’s first year of civil government but it was also the year that the NPI was started. In partnership with only four mission organisations in 2010, the NPI started with just 12 pioneers. This number grew to […]

The Australian response team at CV Asia Pacific has engaged in tens-of-thousands of online conversations with non-Christians, resulting in thousands of salvations.  This prompted us to create a video series that would equip young adult Christians with the tools to confidently engage in their own online conversations and appease the anxiety that is sometimes associated […]

Over the last four years, CV has gained unique insight into reaching young adults in Australia and New Zealand, using social media advertising, chatbots and Facebook Messenger. The people we connected with were real, raw, honest and many were not actively searching for God, however we were able to engage with a simple invitation to […]

This catchy music video was created as a resource to help churches share the gospel with young people.  In collaboration with a popular Christian influencer, the content team at CV Asia Pacific in the Philippines, generated quite a stir on social media with this piece. Already viewed over 200,000 times, and shared over 5000 times, […]

Gaming is a growing industry that the CV Asia Pacific team in India recently decided to test as a means of evangelism.  Six months in the making, Eliora, a 2D game about God’s love and constant pursuit of his children, has arrived! Players go on a quest with three siblings who have lost everything and […]

In 2018, Teacher and Campus Missionary, Jordan, came across the yesHEis app, not once but twice before his interest really peaked. During one of his sermons, Pastor Peter mentioned the yesHEis app but it wasn’t until Jordan encountered the app again at a youth-discipleship conference, that he decided to download it.  I decided to download […]

One of our CV staff members recounts here his COVID-19 experience, and the opportunity that quarantine gave him to share his faith along the way. Please click here to watch My Story.   

Our story begins with a woman named Pemela* who, although baptised, had strayed from the church.  After recently watching some of our gospel videos on Facebook, Pemela opened communications with us; she was looking to reconnect with a church. So we found the closest NPI pioneer around Pemela’s location and made the introduction.  Soon after, […]

In March 2020, yesHEis, CV Resources and CV Outreach featured in the webinar series Ministry from a Distance. Hosted by Indigitous, the webinars attracted almost 3000 participants from 124 countries including the CV Africa and Southeast Asia teams who took part with almost 1000 other participants from the region.  With lockdown presenting unique opportunities to […]

When circumstances generate within us fear, worry and panic we tend to question everything. We might even find ourselves asking where we should be placing our hope. Here at yesHEis we believe that Jesus is our hope so in collaboration with Creator for Next Gen and Insight Unlimited, we created a song through which we […]