The Void

Javier reached out to our Latin America team via the yesHEis app. He had experienced a powerful encounter with Jesus which had made him realise that there was a void in his life.

Ruth from our yesHEis team spent time online with Javier. She helped him to see that Jesus could fill the void if he let him wholly into his heart. Ruth presented Javier with the plan for salvation and asked if he wanted to know Jesus. Javier replied: “Yes … I want to change and know how to have God in my heart, help me please”.

Ruth worked with Javier to help him to pray and accept Jesus in his heart. Shortly after this, Javier wrote again saying: “I have already done the prayer, I feel like never before. I see life more positively. Wow, I don’t know how to describe what I am feeling. Finally, I feel great relief and calm in my life”.

Ruth and the team have stayed in touch with Javier and he has let them know that he is reading the Bible, praying and attending church.

We pray that Javier continues to grow in his relationship with God and that he shares the message of Jesus with those around him.


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