What is yesHEis?


yesHEis is more than just a Christian-video-sharing tool. yesHEis is changing the culture of evangelism by mobilising Christians across the globe to be proactive in starting conversations about Jesus with their friends and family.

As the product of an organisation with a strategic goal to reach a billion people with the Gospel, we recognised early on that for yesHEis to create any real impact, the global Church needed to be on board our mission. And since we launched as a website in 2011, yesHEis has seen churches throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas united in the bold challenge Jesus left us with to reach the masses (online).

In a media-driven society, where YouTube’s video culture has been adopted by Facebook, personalised by Snapchat, boosted by Instagram, and then strengthened by increasingly fast Internet, it became obvious that yesHEis would also need to utilise this powerful form of media. And since the very beginning, we have witnessed the effectiveness of personal testimonies of Christ’s love. Through producing our own compelling and creative Gospel presentations too, we ‘ve also seen that people out there are willing to sacrifice a few minutes of their time to watch a video if they think it will answer their questions about life, God and faith.

But despite proving the effectiveness of quality Gospel videos, there came a time for a pivot for yesHEis. When it became apparent that the majority of our Christian users were enjoying yesHEis purely as a viewing platform for themselves, rather than a sharing one for their friends, we decided to re-launch yesHEis as a personal evangelism app in February 2016. The yesHEis website became an evangelism-training-hub, where Christians could read inspiring blogs and testimonies about evangelism, and the app became our primary tool for sharing. While this was a challenging transition for many of us, we knew that this fresh focus on sharing (as opposed to viewing) was going to be important if we were to stay true to our mission of mobilising Christians to share their faith with the people in their world.

Now, as we work to improve, test and grow our app, we have not forgotten that our vision of introducing a billion people to Jesus needs the cooperation of the global Church.

We can’t reach a billion on our own. But we CAN provide Christians with a tool that will help them reach their networks with the Gospel. At CV, we believe that sharing our faith in Jesus should not be confined to those with the “gift” of evangelism, or to those on mission trips in far off, exotic places. We believe Jesus asked us ALL to go into the world to share the Good News – so much so that we ‘ve even built an annual share event around this message ( find out more about the #goeverywhere campaign here ).

So how does it work? Christians can download the yesHEis app and browse through a library of handpicked videos designed for them to share with non-believers. When they find a video they think their friend will like, they can share it via Facebook, WhatsApp, text message, email, and other various messaging apps and social networks. Each video is connected to a Gospel message encouraging their friend to consider a relationship with Jesus. And if their friend responds, we have teams on standby in 18 countries ready to answer any questions, pray with them, or connect them to a church nearby.

So yes, at CV we do provide Christian videos within the yesHEis app. But our hope is that Christians would recognise the immense opportunity we are faced with and use yesHEis as the personal evangelism tool that it has now been designed as – mobilising Christians to share the Gospel with their friends and expanding Christ’s body one by one.


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