WHAT IS yesHEis?

yesHEis is more than a collection of Christian social media channels and apps. It is a global community of four million young adults who are changing the culture of evangelism.

Through the Life On Mission Evangelism Framework, yesHEis helps Christians understand that sharing Jesus can be as simple as:

  1. being filled with the Holy Spirit through prayer,
  2. genuinely connecting with the people around them in everyday life, and
  3. responding to the Holy Spirit’s promptings during moments created by God to talk about Jesus.

Equipping Christians in this way continues to be the primary purpose of yesHEis, despite the shifting technologies we’ve seen since 2011 when the brand was first launched as a website.

As the product of an organisation with a strategic goal to reach a billion people with the gospel, we recognised early on that for yesHEis to create any real impact, the global Church also needed to be on board with our mission to reach the masses, online.

We can’t reach a billion on our own but we can provide Christians with training material and tools that will help them reach their networks with the gospel.

At CV, we believe that sharing our faith in Jesus should not be confined to those with the ‘gift’ of evangelism, or to those on mission trips in far off, exotic places. We believe Jesus asked us ALL to go into the world and share his message.

So how can you join the yesHEis movement?

Simply follow @yesHEis on your favourite social media channel or download the app. via Google Play or the App Store to be inspired, stretched and challenged along your faith-sharing journey.


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