The Power of God’s word in South Sudan

One of CV’s pioneers in South Sudan, Petro, embarked on a mission of evangelism with the goal of spreading the word of God to the people of Chumakori payam. 

Among those he encountered was a woman named Maria, who initially rejected his message. However, a powerful transformation awaited her, and her life would never be the same again.

As Petro and his friend (who he was evangelising with) approached Maria, they kindly asked if she would spare some time to hear the word of God. To their surprise, Maria vehemently declined, firmly stating that her belief was in the gods of her ancestors. 

She explained that her family had always made sacrifices to these deities, and they had always answered their requests. “Take your God away from our land,” she declared. Disheartened, the pioneers returned to their church compound, where they prayed for Maria.

One week later, news reached Maria that the pioneers were conducting their outreach in a neighbouring village. Overcome with newfound curiosity, she rushed to find them, and urgently requested their presence at her home once they were finished. 

Intrigued by this unexpected turn of events, Petro and his companion honoured her invitation and went to visit her. 

Maria shared her deep longing, revealing, “The day I chased you away, I felt like I was missing something. I couldn’t sleep well, and today, I need to hear the words of your God.” The pioneers opened the scriptures and began sharing from the gospel of John. 

During their conversation, Maria underwent a profound transformation, surrendering her life to Jesus and accepting him as her personal saviour.

Before accepting Jesus into her life, Maria had been trapped in a troubled existence. She struggled with alcohol addiction, which led to conflicts with her husband and financial instability. Mounting debts caused her to lose valuable possessions, including cooking utensils, livestock, and even food for her children. 

Seeking solace from witch doctors, she neglected her maternal duties, resulting in her mother taking custody of her children due to neglect.

However, since embracing Jesus, Maria’s life has taken a remarkable turn. She now testifies to the incredible changes she has experienced. Reunited with her family and friends, she has become a responsible provider for her loved ones. She is now recognised in her community as a voice of wisdom and she shares the love of God.

Please pray for the vital work of the pioneers in South Sudan, that God continues to provide them with divine opportunities to bring salvation and transformation to those who need the gospel.


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