While Instagram might be the forum for fake smiles and perfect poses, it’s also proving to be a touchpoint for people trying to navigate the deepest wells of vulnerability. Zola* reached out to us via Instagram in a truly desperate situation. Battling depression, shame from an abusive childhood and the torment of an abusive marriage, […]

Heinz, our CV Africa and Middle East Director, and Nick, our CV Africa Community Manager, recently attended Africa Arise: an annual conference hosted by Beza (a prominent and vibrant evangelical church in Ethiopia). The event attracts large numbers of Christian leaders from across the continent, in front of whom Heinz was given the opportunity to […]

A couple of years ago Caleb Meakins, a friend of CV Africa, came into the office to share his story for our ‘54 Stories’ series. He spoke of his grief over the death of his father and how, blessedly, he had come to know Jesus through it all.  Tragically, Caleb passed away recently but his […]

CV Africa Community Manager, Nick Parker, recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia where he introduced the yesHEis app to a number of Ethiopian churches, leaders and youth ministries. Since Nick’s return, the app has grown to over 4,600 monthly active users! The translation of the yesHEis into Amharic, Ethiopia’s official national language spoken by […]

1Africa is a targeted content strategy from the CV Africa team that distributes original content across various online platforms to young Africans, in order to engage explorers with the message of Jesus. 1Africa recently collaborated with their partners at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to write an article entitled ‘Is Christianity a Western Religion?’. The […]

CV Outreach внёс огромный вклад в Африке с момента своего запуска в начале этого года, уже более 200 церквей присоединились к движению. Мы получили прекрасные отзывы от наших церквей-партнёров относительно этой инициативы, в том числе и от Фетуса Омото – пастора и миссионера из Часовни Найроби, который рассказал нам, что число прихожан в их церкви […]

Our Africa Content Manager, Falonee Naidoo, was recently asked to speak to film students at Media Village, a gospel-focused production and training academy based in Cape Town, South Africa. Falonee spoke to the academy’s Discipleship Training Programme students about content creation and the pre-production process, with a focus on evangelical content.  Media Village was created […]

CV Outreach has made a great impact in Africa since its implementation earlier this year, and over 200 churches have already joined. We have received wonderful feedback from our church partners about the initiative, including from Fetus Omoto, the Missions Pastor at Nairobi Chapel, who informed us that their number of new visitors has significantly […]

We are so blessed that God has opened doors to allow the CV Africa team to spread the message of Jesus across our amazing continent.  In a recent trip to Ethiopia our Africa Content Manager, Falonee, built a partnership with a local Ethiopian production team that will allow us to capture the stories of God’s […]

Radio Christian Voice is one of Zambia’s most recognized and influential media brands. We are excited to announce that the RCV website now has a new look! The updated website coincides with our new strategy of transforming the Zambia office to a more digital strategy, in line with CV globally. This is a very exciting […]