When considering how the pandemic has transformed the way churches do evangelism, and the catalyst it’s been for moving ministry online, one of the big takeaway questions is: how equipped are churches around the globe in adapting to these changes?  With years of experience working in online ministry, we at CV know that navigating this […]

A recent field trip to a small group of pioneers by our on-the-ground National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) coordinator in Madagascar, revealed that a large portion of the new churches planted are now self-sustaining.  Three of these churches now also have pastoral replacements, allowing the original pioneer to carry on, just like Paul the Apostle, with […]

The Church and all those involved in ministry find themselves in a transitional phase as we react to the impact of a global pandemic.  In this time, how do we reach those who are isolated in their homes and away from the church building?  Brought to you by the Africa team at CV Africa & […]

During a Sunday church service recently in Manakara, Madagascar, a congregation prayed for God’s protection over one of our National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) pioneers, who was preparing to take a small community group into the nation’s capital, Antananarivo.  Throughout the 12-hour journey, the bush taxi containing 17 passengers had encountered multiple flat tyres, but it […]

Last month the Africa team at CV Africa & Middle East launched a webinar series called Why Digital? to introduce individuals, ministries and churches to the multitude of ways that digital media can be used to reach more people with the message of Jesus. The idea behind Why Digital? was born from the ever-growing opportunity […]

The Madagascan regions in which our National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) is making an impact are deeply rooted in culture and tradition. Although no longer governed by a monarchy, the ‘kings’ here continue to influence and exert power over decisions related to matters of faith and other community activities. Recently, one of our NPI pioneers shared […]

Through the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI), one of our church partners recently sent out an NPI pioneer to introduce Jesus to inmates in one of the world’s most notorious prisons. After months of battling Madagascan authorities for approval to enter the prison grounds, our pioneer was finally able to show hundreds of prisoners, over multiple […]

The South Africa content team at CV Africa & Middle East created a video that would challenge its audience to take a look ‘inside’, and introspectively assess their own destiny and legacy. We used humour to tackle this uncomfortable subject and produced a resource to communicate that everything we do, should have a purpose. And […]

It has been said that the COVID-19 pandemic has not been a good ‘leveller’. Many around the world have been forced into some form of lockdown and many people have found their finances negatively impacted. However, it is the people who live hand-to-mouth and the low income earners who have been hardest hit.  Recently, a […]

The CV Africa team has produced another inspirational resource, this time reminding us that our youthful hopes, aspirations, and faith are all still very much within reach. The reminder is meant especially for those who believed in Jesus in their youth and moved away from their beliefs as they aged.  Perhaps they’re not happy with […]