Short for Elohim, ELOH is the latest direct evangelism strategy being tested by the South Africa team at CV Africa & Middle East.  Aimed at sharing Jesus with unreached people groups spread across sub-Saharan Africa, ELOH will give many the life-changing opportunity to have a personal relationship with God by presenting the gospel in their […]

The CV Africa & Middle East content team in South Africa created a video that would challenge its audience to take a look ‘inside’, and introspectively assess their own destiny and legacy. We used humour to tackle this uncomfortable subject and produced a resource to communicate that everything we do, should have a purpose. And […]

It has been said that the COVID-19 pandemic has not been a good ‘leveller’. Many around the world have been forced into some form of lockdown and many people have found their finances negatively impacted. However, it is the people who live hand-to-mouth and the low income earners who have been hardest hit.  Recently, a […]

The CV Africa team has produced another inspirational resource, this time reminding us that our youthful hopes, aspirations, and faith are all still very much within reach. The reminder is meant especially for those who believed in Jesus in their youth and moved away from their beliefs as they aged.  Perhaps they’re not happy with […]

The season of COVID-19 has forced many churches and ministries to go “online”- some, perhaps, for the first time.  It has been a privilege for CV to be able to equip and empower many churches and ministries in their pursuit of digital evangelism at this unique time. CV Africa’s Community Manager, Nick Parker, was able […]

Over recent months we have seen people becoming increasingly desperate. No jobs means no income; which for many means no food. We’ve heard time and again that local governments have so far not been able to provide much reassurance or support but with the help of IFES (the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), we were […]

One of our pioneers from the National Pioneer’s Initiative (NPI) in Madagascar recently set out to proclaim the gospel, open-air style. Armed with her brand-new microphone and speaker, she drew in quite the crowd. Encouraged by the response, our pioneer then set out to evangelise door-to-door. In one of the many houses our pioneer and […]

While Instagram might be the forum for fake smiles and perfect poses, it’s also proving to be a touchpoint for people trying to navigate the deepest wells of vulnerability. Zola* reached out to us via Instagram in a truly desperate situation. Battling depression, shame from an abusive childhood and the torment of an abusive marriage, […]

Heinz, our CV Africa and Middle East Director, and Nick, our CV Africa Community Manager, recently attended Africa Arise: an annual conference hosted by Beza (a prominent and vibrant evangelical church in Ethiopia). The event attracts large numbers of Christian leaders from across the continent, in front of whom Heinz was given the opportunity to […]

A couple of years ago Caleb Meakins, a friend of CV Africa, came into the office to share his story for our ‘54 Stories’ series. He spoke of his grief over the death of his father and how, blessedly, he had come to know Jesus through it all.  Tragically, Caleb passed away recently but his […]