The Pastor and The Partnership

A pastor, who led the CV Outreach partnerships in his church, has discovered the importance of online ministry through the story of just one man. 

In the past, Peter* went to church, but before he gave his life to Jesus, he stopped attending. During this time, his marriage fell apart. He had become verbally abusive toward his wife, and she ultimately decided to leave him. That was when he went looking online for a solution to his marriage issues.

Peter came across one of CV’s online resources where we talk about marriage from a Godly perspective. During this experience, Peter was connected to a CV Outreach partnerships church. It turned out to be the same church he had previously attended, which was the same church where the pastor led the partnerships!

What an incredible coincidence!

Peter was reunited with the pastor and attended weekly discipleship meetings with him, creating a strong bond and an opportunity for evangelism.

Pray that Peter and his wife will have a profound transformation through salvation in Jesus Christ. Pray that his actions will change and, if it is God’s will, that their marriage will be restored to a healthy relationship. 

We are thankful for the wonderful way God has worked to encourage one of our CV Outreach pastors to believe in the power of online outreach and the connection back to the local church.

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