To be emotionally overwhelmed means to be so completely consumed by your thoughts or emotions that you feel frozen and unable to function.This is a feeling many people can relate to.  Emotional overwhelm affects people at every stage of life, whether they’re a young adult learning the ways of life, a teenager accepting change, a […]

If you’re a church or ministry leader, you may be thinking, ‘why digital?’. Using digital technology to preach the gospel is an idea that has been increasingly floating among churches and Christian organisations in recent times. But what exactly are the benefits of ‘going digital’? This course on CV Training examines why digital technology is […]

When we look back across the year gone by we can see the many and varied ways God has been with us! Some great stories from 2022 were: Co-workers in Christ In January, we wrote that here at CV, we wanted to become ‘co-workers in Christ’ with those who had a passion to fulfil the […]

Did you know that the global impression of Jesus among teens around the world is that he is trustworthy, generous, and wise? Insights such as this have been revealed in a ground-breaking report released by US research company, Barna Group. Almost 25,000 teenagers from 26 countries around the world have participated in a survey that […]

For some Christians, evangelising is a difficult task. Many of us feel anxious or nervous just speaking with others in general. Sharing something as important as our faith in Jesus – that might lead to someone’s salvation – could be extremely daunting. This Spanish video from CV Resources is the perfect clip to share with […]

A new research report has been published on CV’s National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) that provides insight into the needs of our national pioneers. The NPI partners with local churches to impact nations for Christ through conventional and digital evangelism, as well as discipleship, resulting in the establishment of sustainable, locally-run churches. Through a series of […]

October sees the launch of Barna’s ‘Open Generation’ report, a first-of-its-kind international research study that aims to help church leaders better understand teenagers around the world. Not only is this report a significant insight into what teenagers believe and value, but it will also form the basis for how many churches and ministries plan for […]

For many people, it can be overwhelming to share the gospel of Jesus with friends and family. In this latest CV resource, we hear from Amanda and Nic as they recall the conversation that led to Nic’s salvation. This is a fantastic resource to share with your church congregation as it breaks down the common […]

Many people struggle – metaphorically and literally – with their own demons. This graphic video was created specifically for those struggling with idol worship, witchcraft and ancestor worship, and tells the story of the true power of Jesus to cast out demons and release people from bondage.  Falling under the horror genre, this short film […]

Since its inception over 30 years ago, CV’s vision has been to touch a billion people with the gospel of Jesus. To CV, to touch a billion means to introduce one billion people to Jesus by sharing the gospel.  Over the years, we have used numerous strategies and activities to share the gospel, from radio, […]