CV’s National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) builds self-sustaining churches by raising up local successors to take over leadership. Focused on introducing unreached people to Jesus and seeing maturing movements to Christ occur among them, it is especially encouraging when we see successors go out to multiply this work. In late 2020, an NPI partner in Southeast […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people across the globe live and work. Many employees have been forced to work from home, and organisations have needed to adapt to facilitate remote working conditions. As restrictions begin to ease in some locations, organisations are now asking: What does the future look like? Will we return […]

CV is experiencing exponential growth as we reach more people with the gospel than ever before! On April 29, 2020, 10 million people were, in just one day, given the opportunity to hear the gospel message through various CV activities.  And, just over 23 million people were introduced to Jesus while viewing one of CV’s […]

Introductions to Jesus are soaring!  More people than ever before are searching for hope-filled content during this current climate of crisis and uncertainty. In March 2020, and without any increase in budget, introductions to Jesus hit an all time high of 7-million-people; outdoing the previous record of 2-million! Achieved through the dedicated work of our […]

There are many statements thrown around about Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can easily instil fear because they promote the unknown. But are these fears legitimate? Should we fear the future, or should we embrace it with excitement? In this article for the AI magazine Becoming Human, CV Australia Country Manager, Reuben Skewes, considers the impact […]

Here’s a recap of thought leadership contributed by CV teams between November 2018 and July 2019. Share them with pastors, friends and colleagues! Five Reasons Your Church Should Get Involved in Digital Evangelism Did you know that digital technologies have changed how Christians across the globe share their faith? From the way we do business to […]