Many epic films feature characters with amazing superpowers. The Marvel movies, in particular, have an incredible line-up of superheroes, each with different attributes that no other human has. Some can fly, some have laser eyes, some have bionic implants, and others – bullets can bounce right off them. But of course, these characters are not real, they are just figments of someone’s imagination.

So, what about the 12-year-old who could outsmart professors, or the man who could turn water into wine? What about being capable of healing people from terminal illnesses, walking on water, creating food to feed a multitude, getting fish to jump into a net, and causing one of these fish to get caught on the hook with a coin in its mouth, enough to pay the fisherman’s taxes?

What about speaking to the wind and waves – and having them calm down? What about rising from the dead, walking through a wall, and flying up through the clouds without any visible means of propulsion? To top it all off, this person will live forever.

The great thing about these powers is that they actually happened, they are true, not fictitious. Now that’s what I would call a real superhero. His name is Jesus – and he wants to be our friend, our saviour, our redeemer. He promises that we can spend eternity with him if we will just accept him into our hearts.

Marvel is escapism – but Jesus is real.


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