Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls – Matthew 11:29  There are three main points in this scripture: We must take Jesus’ burden upon us, From him, we must learn to be gentle and lowly like him, […]

We feel happy, we feel sad. We feel angry, we feel calm. We feel optimistic, we feel pessimistic. Feelings are a rudderless ship in a turbulent sea that can change with life’s everyday circumstance. Of course, it’s great when we have good feelings and horrible when we have bad ones; but we cannot rely on […]

We have heard continuously about the COVID-19 virus and the havoc it is creating across the world. The World Health Organisation and governments are doing all they can to prevent its spread including total shutdowns of towns, cities and whole countries. Sadly, hundreds of thousands have caught the virus and thousands have died and many […]

When we are born our knowledge of our parents is very limited, but over time we grow and begin to know them more. If we do not, something is wrong. The same is true when we are born again. We get to know our parents’ habits, vocabulary, and the sound of their voice when they […]

We live in turbulent times. Every time we watch the news on TV or read the newspapers, we are bombarded with bad news. Bad news about crime and violence. Bad news about the political situation. Bad news about the economy, health, education and so many other things. Yes, there is the occasional good news, but […]

As we welcomed in 2020, I found myself thinking about 20/20 vision. I used to have cataracts which gradually caused my vision to deteriorate over many years. It’s not something that you immediately notice as it is so gradual. My reduced vision meant that I had to give up golf because after I hit the […]

I have been focussed on saying the Lord’s Prayer recently but keep getting stuck on the word ‘hallowed’. The word means ‘made holy, consecrated, greatly revered and honoured. Also, to purify, sanctify and honour’.  We reverence his majesty; we don’t use his name in vain and we consider it precious and holy. We say words […]

Have you ever been in total darkness? It’s really disconcerting. I was once on the bridge of a boat that was travelling through the night. There were only a few dimly lit lights and I found it very unsettling to be in the middle of a vast ocean and not knowing what was out there […]

I am one of those people who is very squeamish about giving blood. There is something about having needles pushed into my body that I really don’t enjoy! But I accept that sometimes blood tests are necessary. It wasn’t until recent generations that doctors realised that you can tell a lot from someone’s blood. The […]

During an average life of 70 years, the heart will beat 2.6 billion times. What an amazing organ! If it misses just a few of those beats, then your life is over. When the Bible refers to the heart, it is not just talking about a pump or an organ. It is referring to the […]