Deception is when someone else causes you to believe something that is untrue. Delusion is a false or irrational belief that you hold yourself.  In these days of ‘fake news’ and deliberate misinformation, we are all subjected to propaganda, and it is hard to determine what is true and what is false.  It is understandable […]

The story of Christmas has captivated people for centuries. It tells of the birth of Jesus and has quite a few main people and groups involved. 1. Mary and Joseph 2. The innkeeper 3. The wise men 4. The shepherds 5. King Herod All of these characters represent the different attitudes that people have toward […]

The ‘metaverse’ is a new term that has joined our vocabulary and is opening a whole world of virtual or augmented reality to those who wish to explore it. So why is it gaining so much popularity? Is it because it offers the promise of escape into a world that is somehow richer – where […]

CV had an office in Ukraine with 35 staff before the war. Some of these employees are still able to meet in that office in Kiev. Others have been dispersed both within Ukraine and overseas. Incredibly, they are still able to function, not without difficulty and a degree of ingenuity. One of our staff, who […]

Many epic films feature characters with amazing superpowers. The Marvel movies, in particular, have an incredible line-up of superheroes, each with different attributes that no other human has. Some can fly, some have laser eyes, some have bionic implants, and others – bullets can bounce right off them. But of course, these characters are not […]

How do we react to change? We either feel threatened by it and fail to adjust to it, or we embrace it. Personally, I don’t find change easy, but I know it is necessary. Change is often good, but some things never change, and neither should they. God, for instance, is unchanging – as is […]

There is a big difference between being called by God and just doing a job or choosing a career path. All Christians are called to be disciples and with that comes certain benefits and responsibilities. In Luke 5:3 we see that Peter had been fishing all night and caught nothing. However, when Peter followed Jesus’ […]

How often do we look at the movies and realise that the basic storyline is the same? There are good people, and then there are evil people. Generally, the good people have a struggle with the evil ones, but eventually the good people win. Recently, there has been a trend to have a new category […]

I have been spending a lot of time by the sea recently and have come to learn that there is a lot more to fishing than just dropping a line, or a net, in the water. Some of the early disciples were fishermen. They knew what was required to catch fish: Patience Knowledge of where […]

Mangroves grow where most other vegetation cannot, in a hostile environment with saline or brackish water. These trees perform a valuable service in protecting the shoreline from erosion as their roots go down and stabilise the ground. Mangrove roots can absorb and eliminate 90% to 97% of the salt by sending it to what is […]