Overcoming Untouchability

The Hindu Dalit communities are the lowest level of the caste system in Nepal and have historically been labelled ‘untouchable’. Despite progress in recent years, they continue to face discrimination and marginalisation in rural areas. In this context, CV pioneers have faced significant challenges in spreading the gospel to these communities. However, through one act of kindness, the doors to evangelism have been opened, and many lives have been transformed. 

This is the testimony of Ram Bahadur Bk* a prominent leader among the Dalits, who opposed Christianity and the gospel until a selfless act by a Christian pastor transformed his life.

Nepal’s caste system has created deep divisions in society, with the Dalits facing discrimination and oppression. Ram Bahadur Bk, like many others, opposed Christianity and the gospel, believing that ‘foreign gods’ had no place in their community. Additionally, in his village, there had been no Introductions To Jesus (ITJs). However, the pioneers did not give up and continued to pray for these people groups.

The pioneer’s persistence and prayers were eventually answered when a devastating event opened the door for an act of kindness to occur that would ultimately change many people’s lives.

Ram Bahadur Bk’s sister had fallen into a fire and cried out for help, but nobody came to her rescue. Because of her caste, the community turned their back on her, but at that moment, Pastor Prakash* arrived and selflessly carried Ram Bahadur Bk’s sister on his back to the closest hospital, which was six hours away.

This act of kindness left a profound impact on Ram Bahadur Bk, who was overwhelmed with a feeling of love and care that he had never experienced before. 

His curiosity was piqued, and he became interested in learning more about Jesus and the love that he had for people. He started attending church regularly and sharing the love of Jesus with his fellow villagers. 

With the help of the pastors who visit their village every week, they grew in numbers, and now there are 35 of them who worship Jesus together. They have formed a tight-knit community that supports one another, and it all started with Pastor Prakash’s one act of kindness, and our pioneer’s prayers.


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