Heart Reach

A WhatsApp group is bringing hope to a community in Mali, and a man named Malick* has found his life’s purpose through this digital platform.

One of CV’s pioneers, working among the Soninke people group, created a WhatsApp community that has had a remarkable impact, as showcased by Malick’s inspiring story. 

Malick initially joined the pioneer’s WhatsApp community with the hope of finding a way to resolve a conflict in his marriage. However, this group was not your average community. It was a place where the gospel was shared, and lives were transformed by it. The pioneer also conducts one-on-one sessions with community members, during which time he prays for them and explains the teachings in more detail. 

The group’s messages of hope and God’s word deeply resonated with Malick to such an extent that he couldn’t keep it to himself. He began inviting friends, many of whom have since joined the group, spreading the gospel not only through this medium but also through his own personal journey.

The pioneer’s work does not end with WhatsApp. Once a week, he is on the radio, inviting listeners to join the conversation and talk about Jesus.

This story shows that in our increasingly connected world, the gospel can transcend challenging environments and reach the hearts and homes of those who need it most.

We praise God for the incredible impact this WhatsApp community has had on Malick and others in his community, and we pray that even more people will be reached and blessed by it. We also pray for the pioneer, that he can continue his vital work in reaching the unreached people groups of Mali.


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