CV is a global Christian ministry with a mission to introduce people to Jesus. One of the many ways CV achieves this mission is by working in partnership with local churches through activities such as CV Outreach

CV Outreach connects people who encounter evangelistic content online with a local church or believer near them, providing a bridge between the online and offline world and a valuable opportunity for churches to engage their communities in conversations about Jesus.

Partnering with the CV Americas team in this mission is Pastor José Luis, who is using the digital environment with great joy and success to fulfil God’s call to make disciples. 

Using Facebook in the early stages of the pandemic to broadcast his church service live, Pastor Luis discovered the need for more of this type of delivery by churches, commenting that the online space is an opportunity for Christianity that is too valuable to miss.

The pastor soon realised the positive impact his broadcasts were having on people who were struggling in their personal lives; people who, without the reach of the internet, may not otherwise have been found.

Anyone considering the digital space for their own evangelism efforts should watch Pastor Luis’ video below and be encouraged to carry on sharing their love for Jesus.

Click here to download Pastor Luis’ testimony. Then, visit our library of CV Resources for other free content to use and share with your congregation and community.



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