Changing Perspectives in Ethiopia

A CV digital pioneer in Ethiopia is making great strides in evangelistic efforts among the Oromo people group with the help of localised content. This breakthrough marks the first time that Oromo speakers have been able to access content in their own language.

According to the pioneer, the response from local believers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many excited to use the materials in weekly study groups and other events. In addition to helping new believers, the content has also been instrumental in sharing the gospel with Oromo Muslims.

One inspiring story shared by the pioneer was about a Muslim woman who reached out to him after seeing how he answered difficult religious questions on his localised YouTube channel. Through continued communication, the woman is now learning more about the hope of the gospel, along with many others who are seeking truth.

This development is a game changer for evangelistic efforts in the region and demonstrates the power of digital content in spreading the word of God. With the success of this initiative, there is hope that similar efforts will occur in other parts of the world, opening up new opportunities for the gospel to be shared.

Please pray with our pioneer, that God will open the Oromo people group’s hearts so they may fully receive the gospel and that the localised content will continue to be seen by those who need Jesus.


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