Bridging Beliefs

One of CV’s pioneers working among the Fulbe people in Guinea had an encounter with Buba*, a master mason.

The two men struck up a conversation on a construction site, which led the pioneer to share the unconditional love of God. The pioneer asked if Buba had ever experienced this type of love. He responded by asking which god the pioneer was referring to. The pioneer replied, “God, the creator of the heavens and the earth.”

Intrigued, Buba agreed to discuss this further, and they arranged to meet at his home. During their meeting, the conversation deepened. Buba, having viewed the world through the lens of Islam, had certain misunderstandings about Christianity and saw Christians as people entrenched in sin. 

The pioneer provided clarity, emphasising that being a Christian means accepting Jesus as his Lord and saviour, and trusting in his teachings. Buba found this hard to accept, and the pioneer became discouraged. 

However, a thought touched his heart as God reminded him that he, too, was once in Buba’s position. Despite the intensity of their discussion, they agreed to meet again.


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