The National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) partners with local churches and pioneers to impact nations for Christ through conventional and digital evangelism and discipleship, resulting in the establishment of sustainable, locally-run churches.

To spiritually impact nations, we work together in unity with dozens of church denominations, Christian entrepreneurs, and thousands of pioneers in many spiritually hard places around the world.

Despite most of the NPI nations being crushed by conflict and crisis, we have seen amazing impact: from former enemies becoming friends to traumatised people becoming effective mission workers.

The opportunity for evangelism, discipleship and mobilisation through mobile, digital tools provides vital protection for pioneers and their spiritual offspring in these spiritually hard, hostile places, and allows us to work to scale.

If your passion is to play a part in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to “preach the gospel to all nations,” then we are your co-workers in Christ. We look forward to working with you.