A Grieving Soul Saved

In an increasingly digitised world, connection and shared experiences often lie within a click of a button or a tap on a screen. More than ever, digital evangelism is becoming a beacon of hope for people navigating loss, pain, and despair, providing guidance for those who do not know where to turn. This story from Namibia illustrates this, where a young woman discovered CV’s ‘Middle of the Night’ online campaign. Her story shows the impact of digital evangelism and how it can guide people back to Jesus.

In 2016, the young woman experienced an unimaginable loss when her infant son tragically passed away at only 18 months old. Her shock and grief were so overwhelming that her faith was shattered in herself, humanity, and God. To cope with her loss, she found solace in substance use, turning to marijuana and cigarettes to quiet the internal turmoil. This heartrending ordeal initially led her to renounce God, however, over time she longed to repair that strained relationship. She found herself trapped in a cycle of despair, yearning to become a woman and mother her child would have been proud of, but she was unable to find the strength to change.

During this emotional turmoil, CV’s initiative, CV Outreach, created a campaign titled ‘Middle of the Night‘, which struck a chord in this young woman’s soul. Late into the night she came across the campaign online and felt compelled to share her story, seeking understanding and healing. Her courage in sharing her story opened the door for CV Outreach to connect her with a ministry partner, who has helped to renew her journey of faith. 

This story showcases the unique strength of digital evangelism and the ability to connect people to Jesus, no matter where they are or what they are going through.

Join us in prayer for the young woman’s healing, both in herself and her relationship with Jesus. Pray also for the continued impact and effectiveness of digital evangelism, so that many more people will be introduced to Jesus and become his true followers.


To learn more about CV Outreach, see their website here: https://www.cvglobal.co/cv-outreach/


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