After nearly five decades of junta rule, 2010 was a remarkable year for Myanmar; not only was it Myanmar’s first year of civil government but it was also the year that the NPI was started. In partnership with only four mission organisations in 2010, the NPI started with just 12 pioneers. This number grew to […]

Short for Elohim, ELOH is the latest direct evangelism strategy being tested by the South Africa team at CV Africa & Middle East.  Aimed at sharing Jesus with unreached people groups spread across sub-Saharan Africa, ELOH will give many the life-changing opportunity to have a personal relationship with God by presenting the gospel in their […]

The Australian response team at CV Asia Pacific has engaged in tens-of-thousands of online conversations with non-Christians, resulting in thousands of salvations.  This prompted us to create a video series that would equip young adult Christians with the tools to confidently engage in their own online conversations and appease the anxiety that is sometimes associated […]

If Jesus came to your house, what would you do? Wouldn’t you offer him the best and most comfortable seat? Wouldn’t you offer him food and drink? Wouldn’t you offer him the best bedroom and a chance to shower? Of course you would. What an incredible opportunity to do something of real value for someone […]

Over the last four years, CV has gained unique insight into reaching young adults in Australia and New Zealand, using social media advertising, chatbots and Facebook Messenger. The people we connected with were real, raw, honest and many were not actively searching for God, however we were able to engage with a simple invitation to […]

Developed for CV’s church partners and designed to facilitate confident conversations, the CV Americas team in Brazil recently launched their very first CV Outreach Respondent Training course.  CV Outreach operates on the premise that local churches are the best institutions to share the gospel. They are also well-positioned to provide discipleship. This training course equips […]

This catchy music video was created as a resource to help churches share the gospel with young people.  In collaboration with a popular Christian influencer, the content team at CV Asia Pacific in the Philippines, generated quite a stir on social media with this piece. Already viewed over 200,000 times, and shared over 5000 times, […]

We know we are not saved by works but by grace; God’s sovereign gift to all those who believe in and follow Jesus. Consequently, there is a tendency to undervalue works even though numerous scriptures tell us that what we do is important. In James 2:26 we are told, faith without works is dead. In […]

Developed by the CV Europe team in the UK, the Response Equipping Course is a series of free training videos that examine the types of messages we receive on a daily basis.  Drawing on the cumulative experience and skills of the team, the training videos explore how the briefest engagement with someone can be turned […]