Since its inception over 30 years ago, CV’s vision has been to touch a billion people with the gospel of Jesus. To CV, to touch a billion means to introduce one billion people to Jesus by sharing the gospel.  Over the years, we have used numerous strategies and activities to share the gospel, from radio, […]

There is a big difference between being called by God and just doing a job or choosing a career path. All Christians are called to be disciples and with that comes certain benefits and responsibilities. In Luke 5:3 we see that Peter had been fishing all night and caught nothing. However, when Peter followed Jesus’ […]

CV Training has launched a new video series that teaches pastors and ministry leaders how to use YouTube for the benefit of sharing the gospel. In the series ‘Think Beyond: YouTube’ we hear from influencer and content creator, Moyin Oloruntoba, the creative mastermind behind a popular YouTube channel.  Through these videos, CV Training prepares tasks […]

Pioneer Min Min* was a Burmese Buddhist. When he became a Christian, he could not stop sharing the saving grace and love of Jesus with his Buddhist friends. He was greatly used by God in leading hundreds of Burmese Buddhists to Jesus in his hometown, the surrounding regions, and many other parts of the country. […]

When a digital encounter becomes an in-person connection, the work of God and the impact of CV Outreach is undeniable. One of our church partners in France shared that she had been in contact (through CV Outreach email) with a man who is suffering from cancer. After numerous email conversations, she started talking to the […]

Over the years, CV has created and produced many gospel videos that have been made available to church and ministry leaders. Some of these videos have been very effective and others not so much. It is important that we understand the difference in these videos so that we can learn how to create and produce […]

The ‘Talking Jesus 2022’ report was released in the UK recently. It highlights important and impactful data that will benefit CV, CV’s partnerships, and the Church in general. The report analyses faith in the UK – how people came to faith in Jesus, and how the Church can evangelise more effectively with those in the […]

This inspiring video from our Brazil team tells the story of the prodigal son from a different perspective. Here we see two sons, both lost in different ways, and how their return to the family was cause for celebration – thanks to the unconditional love of their father.  God’s love is also unconditional and endless […]

Congregation leaders and pastors from many churches across Western Nepal gathered at the Leadership Training Centre recently to participate in a session on digital evangelism. With a focus on church connections and partnerships, CV’s strategy to introduce people to Jesus in Nepal was outlined and, as a result, more than 100 new church connections were […]