Representatives from Christian Vision (CV) recently spoke at the ‘Ekklesia 24’ conference held by Share Jesus International (SJI) at Westminster Chapel in London. Approximately 100+ people attended, including church leaders and those interested in utilising technology for ministry.  The CV team was invited to join panels and discussions that focused on the intersection of technology […]

yesHEis, an initiative of CV,  is committed to equipping young adult Christians with the tools and inspiration to share their faith confidently.  One of the ways yesHEis has recently achieved this is by releasing a powerful documentary on their Ukrainian YouTube channel.  The 20-minute documentary follows a group of military chaplains in Ukraine, who risked […]

Evangelism is at the heart of CV. One of the ways we amplify evangelism is by combining traditional methods with innovative technology.  A compelling example comes from one of CV’s pioneers in the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI), working among the Soninke community in Western Africa.  In Soninke’s early history, the people traded in salt and […]

I recently had a discussion with a very intelligent 28-year-old lady and was shocked to discover how little she knew about the bible.  For instance, it came as a surprise to her that Jesus was a Jew, and that Joseph was something more than a West End play. Her ignorance was true of nearly all […]

Did you know there are more than 7,000 Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in the world today, totalling a staggering 3 billion individuals? These communities lack access to the gospel due to linguistic, ethnic, and cultural barriers. Understanding the enormity of this reality compels us to take action, but effective gospel sharing isn’t solely about speaking. […]

According to Joshua Project, in Thailand, 88 per cent of people identify as Buddhist, with only 1 per cent of the population practising Christianity. This largely unreached country holds steep religious traditions and although it’s not illegal to be a Christian, it’s seen as rejecting the ‘nationhood’ not to follow Buddhist customs. However, one of […]

This May, millions of Christians around the world will share the gospel as part of Global Outreach Day (GO Day).  What is Global Outreach Day? GO Day is an initiative of GO Movement, where every Christian can make a difference by sharing the gospel with just one person. In 2024, GO Day is on Saturday […]

One of CV’s pioneers working among the Fulbe people in Guinea had an encounter with Buba*, a master mason. The two men struck up a conversation on a construction site, which led the pioneer to share the unconditional love of God. The pioneer asked if Buba had ever experienced this type of love. He responded […]

In the Oromo region of Ethiopia, one of CV’s dedicated pioneers has been diligently sharing the gospel. The pioneer encountered a woman in a remote village named Araari*, who had suffered from illness for a long time. After the pioneer prayed for her healing, the Lord answered these prayers, and Araari was healed. The news […]