Recently, the news has been increasingly filled with information about local armed conflicts in different parts of the world. Even when a volatile peace is managed to be maintained in these areas, it is not able to give people a real future and hope. This should not perplex the Church, for the Lord did not […]

Throughout Southeast Asia, in countries where the majority of the population is Muslim, the NPI is seeing miraculous unity across more than 20 denominations of Christians, from Mennonites to Pentecostals. As a result, God is doing great things across the region, with people who have long been resistant to the Gospel.  Since 2013, we have […]

Radio Christian Voice is one of Zambia’s most recognized and influential media brands. We are excited to announce that the RCV website now has a new look! The updated website coincides with our new strategy of transforming the Zambia office to a more digital strategy, in line with CV globally. This is a very exciting […]

Ruhi*, a newcomer to Christ, reached out to our Middle East team via the yesHEis app. He wanted our help as he was struggling with prayer; unsure what to say and if God would even listen. Our yesHEis team spoke with Ruhi and explained that prayer is just about talking to God and that it’s […]

Luis* reached out to our Latin America team via yesHEis. He shared with our team that he was struggling and confused, and worried that God did not accept him. Soraida from our response team spent time online with Luis telling him about the love, grace and mercy of God. She presented Luis with a path […]

This video, created by CV Latin America and repurposed by CV USA, is helping us to reach people with the Gospel in the US and Canada. Through CV Outreach, the video is getting plenty of traffic via landing pages, using the Google Ad Grant, and has allowed us to reach and bless even more people […]

Anu, a woman who was suffering with depression, loneliness and thoughts of suicide, reached out to our India team via the Meri Dua platform, which is an online evangelism site. One of our team members, Manish, spent time online with Anu sharing about Jesus and how he could transform her life. Anu was keen to […]

Our yesHEis Philippines team recently led a Digital Evangelism training day in Manila for 431 participants from over 100 churches. The event was a huge success complete with live music, testimonies and worship. As a result of the day, over 300 people indicated their desire to receive Jesus into their lives! The event highlighted the […]

Learning how different teams operate and innovate can help us to be better and brighter. Our CV North America team recently experienced this firsthand when our manager organised for us to work through the principles in the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – A Leadership Fable, by Patrick Lencioni. Lencioni details the five […]