I recently saw a YouTube video about a man who died and went to heaven. I am normally cautious about such videos, but he seemed like a sensible person. He said that upon returning to this earthly realm, he realised that through this experience, he learned that God loves us MADLY.  It was his choice […]

In an exciting step towards revitalising its mission, yesHEis, an initiative of Christian Vision (CV), has proudly unveiled its dynamic new brand in August.  This strategic rebrand marked a profound change for yesHEis, and reinforced its commitment to empowering Christians to help the world know Jesus. At the heart of this shift was a deep […]

Are you passionate about sharing the message of Jesus with your local community? At CV, we firmly believe that the local church plays a vital role in spreading the good news. To help you become more effective in your evangelistic efforts, we are excited to introduce our free Social Media Evangelism course. Our mission at […]

TransWorld Radio (TWR), a multi-national evangelical Christian media distributor, recently embarked on an exciting month-long collaboration with CV Brazil for their show, Missão Notícia. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both organisations and highlights the power of uniting to advance the gospel globally in the digital age. This alliance between TWR and CV Brazil […]

In an effort to inspire and unite young Christian leaders, CV Brazil recently participated in the Global Youth Movement (GYM) 2023, a significant event organised by the Global Kingdom Partnership Network (GKPN). The event saw thousands of passionate young individuals and youth leaders from all corners of Brazil come together with a common mission. This […]

In an increasingly digitised world, connection and shared experiences often lie within a click of a button or a tap on a screen. More than ever, digital evangelism is becoming a beacon of hope for people navigating loss, pain, and despair, providing guidance for those who do not know where to turn. This story from […]

Emily*, a resident of Jakarta, Indonesia, was a deeply committed Muslim, unwavering in her faith until a series of strange dreams left her feeling unsettled. The recurring theme in these dreams was always the same – a cross.  These ongoing dreams cast Emily into a state of bewilderment, as she struggled to decipher the underlying […]

At CV, one of our goals is to introduce a million people to Jesus every day, especially in areas where the gospel is not widely known. We achieve this through social media advertising, impactful evangelistic content in multiple languages, and dedicated on-the-ground and digital pioneering activities.  Our deep love for all people, respect for cultural […]

One of CV’s Chatbots drastically changed the life of Mr Budi*, a devoted Muslim man living in Jawa Barat, Indonesia.  Mr Budi responded to one of CV’s facebook ads which contained a video introducing people to Jesus. Interested and wanting to learn more, he chose to ask the Chatbot about the topic of forgiveness.  After […]