Young Marriages Strengthened: China

Young adults in China are under big pressure to get married. At the same time, the divorce rate in 2018 reached 39%, showing that many people have wrong values and beliefs about marriage and romantic relationships.

Knowing this, we turned our attention to the young Christians who follow yesHEis WeChat, and found that 90% of the fans we communicate with are seeking answers about marriage, including family conflicts, relationships with mothers-in-law, and marriage preparation for single people.

To address these questions, we planned a special program for Chinese Valentine’s Day, called Your Life Partner Whom God Prepared for You. We interviewed five Christian couples, asking them to think about their relationships and where they need growth. Our questions were around what kind of help they can offer to their spouses.

Using these couples ‘ testimonies, we encouraged fans of our platform to interact with us. We also invited them to answer the interview questions for themselves and promised that we would email their partner’s answers to them as a gift on Valentine’s Day. This attracted many young couples to join in. Finally, we prepared some gifts for those who joined this activity as well.

We interviewed the couple who won first place. They said the activity gave them a better understanding of each other and a chance to stop in their daily business and think about their relationship, which is now better than it was before.

Another young Christian couple who participated are starting their own business in the field of designing. As a result of this activity, they thought again about their marriage and became more determined to use their business to help young people to share their faith in Christ. Furthermore, the couple now understand each other more and, having renewed their minds toward each other, their relationship is closer.

Please pray for a couple who are preparing to have a baby and are asking God to give them faith and patience to wait, and to keep hope in their hearts. Pray also that, in the midst of high divorce rates, God will raise up more Christian couples to be testimonies of His glory and love, and to help those in need.


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