The new yesHEis Mini App mobilises Christians on WeChat to share the Gospel with their friends. Since the app was launched in the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, we received numerous responses and comments from young users who  feel encouraged and compelled to share their faith. We selected four stories to share with you: Ying* […]

Hello from the yesHEis China community team! We want to share life-encouraging good news with you. Our team initiated the Peacemaker campaign in November, inviting yesHEis followers to complete daily tasks that would help them to develop a peace-making character. We want to share one of the amazing stories that reached us through this campaign […]

As part of the National Pioneer’s Initiative (NPI), pioneers in Southeast Asia are visiting communities and introducing people to Jesus every day, often in hostile environments. This recent story is from one of our pioneers: Recently I visited a Buddhist village whose people had never heard the Gospel. Among them was an old woman called […]

A young kindergarten teacher had to resign from her job due to severe depression. Even after being prescribed medication, the girl remained in a terrible mental state. Her mother was very troubled by this and committed suicide, which severely traumatised the girl. The girl’s parents had separated when she was younger and she found it […]

An Iraqi man had Jesus coming to him in his dream. The man messaged the yesHEis team to find out more about this person he encountered because he didn’t know who Jesus was and had a lot of questions. Our team responded and were able to help clear some of his confusion. In the following […]


Many Christians in China have difficulty sharing their faith and encounter many problems when they try to do so. This is especially true when sharing with close friends or family. Consequently, they back off, get frustrated, and blame themselves for not doing well. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up, with the main focus of the […]

A large group of youth are being empowered to share the Gospel online in the Middle East. 65 teen and young adult students from across Egypt have gathered to learn how to tell people about Jesus at our Internet Missionary School. The school teaches Middle Eastern youth the basics of Christian apologetics. Many of these […]

Young adults in China are under big pressure to get married. At the same time, the divorce rate in 2018 reached 39%, showing that many people have wrong values and beliefs about marriage and romantic relationships. Knowing this, we turned our attention to the young Christians who follow yesHEis WeChat, and found that 90% of […]

Wendy, a Christian lady who shares the Gospel with children suffering from leukemia, was recently featured on our Portrait II yesHEis campaign. With approximately 4 million leukemia patients in China, half of whom are children, this is a vital ministry. Wendy’s Portrait tells her personal story of extraordinary difficulty and grace. During a serious surgery […]

This is the testimony of Maroun Chamoun, a young man who grew up in Lebanon. He shares about his struggle with his relationship with his father, how he became involved in drugs had a terrible accident that left him bed ridden, and how he found the answer to life that he needed.