You Can Find Peace

Can you think of anyone that is fatigued, burnt out, or exhausted? Many people go through some really tough situations, and they just don’t know how to cope.

Jesus does not guarantee that our lives will be easy – but he does promise we never have to bear our burdens alone.

This Portuguese language video speaks to those who are feeling weighed down by life. It asks people how they gather their thoughts when everything is pressing in on them and they feel overwhelmed.

The speaker in this clip sympathises with them. We all know it’s not easy to be strong and calm when we feel burnt out and weary.

If you know anyone in your community or congregation who needs to let Jesus in and allow him to carry their burdens, show them this film.

It will encourage them to ask God for strength, peace, and rest, and to lean on him when times get tough.

They do not have to go through life alone, Jesus is there and ready to stand by their side.

Check it out on CV Resources here.


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