yesHEis on the Front Line

yesHEis, an initiative of CV,  is committed to equipping young adult Christians with the tools and inspiration to share their faith confidently. 

One of the ways yesHEis has recently achieved this is by releasing a powerful documentary on their Ukrainian YouTube channel. 

The 20-minute documentary follows a group of military chaplains in Ukraine, who risked their lives to share the gospel and provide aid to Ukrainian soldiers. 

The Ukrainian yesHEis team spent four days with the chaplains from Kyiv as they shared their experiences while gathering supplies for the soldiers. 

The content recorded by yesHEis comes at a significant time for their Ukrainian audience. The USA for UNHCR has reported (as of February 2024) that more than 3.7 million people have been internally displaced in Ukraine, and almost 6.5 million Ukrainian refugees have been recorded globally. As the war continues, an estimated 14.6 million Ukrainians will need humanitarian assistance this year. 

With a deep understanding of what their country is experiencing, the military chaplains are doing what they can to provide assistance and share the gospel, despite the circumstances. They have also revealed to the yesHEis team how they have maintained hope — and how they have given this hope to others.

When the documentary went live on yesHEis’ social media channels, it immediately obtained significant attention across multiple platforms. 

On the yesHEis Ukrainian YouTube channel alone, it gained approximately 37,000 views (and still counting),  and on Instagram (in the format of a video teaser reel) it has seen 41,300 plays so far.

The documentary, titled ‘Chaplains: Bringing Jesus to the Frontline‘ has received hundreds of positive interactions and comments, expressing admiration,  support and honour for the soldiers and the military chaplains.

The impact of this video has been massive, and the yesHEis audience commented on social media that they feel inspired and challenged, by the example of the chaplains’ courage, to step out in faith and share the gospel even in the face of adversity. 

Share this video to inspire those in your Christian community to evangelise with confidence regardless of the circumstances.  Chaplains: Bringing Jesus to the Frontline, can be viewed in Ukrainian with English subtitles. 


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