Two of the CV Europe (the UK team) regional projects were recently honoured at the 2019 Premier Digital Awards in London.   The awards are intended to celebrate and encourage excellence in Christian engagement online and look at the broad spectrum of digital Christian projects in the UK to find people and projects that can serve as […]

Tess contacted our Europe yesHEis team wanting advice on how to share her faith without overwhelming or scaring people away. One of our response team members, Brigitte, worked with Tess to help her to feel comfortable to introduce people to Jesus. She reminded Tess that introducing people to Jesus is a gift and that a […]

From the age of three, Margaret McGuckin was verbally and physically abused at a children’s home in Northern Ireland. She was regularly beaten with sticks and leather straps, held under water and called ugly and evil. At age 11, Margaret was told by one of the nuns that she had to leave the children’s home. […]

One yesHEis app user reached out to us through the app, asking: I am a teacher, how do I reach my students for Jesus? Our Response team were excited by this question because it speaks to the reason that yesHEis exists: to help everyday Christians share their faith. This teacher sees their vocation as a […]

A non-believer in the UK had questions about Jesus and Christianity. He decided to download the yesHEis app. Through the app he was able to ask questions, find answers and connect with our response team. His main question was: Why do you believe in God? Through the yesHEis app and back and forth communications, we […]

It was a privilege to recently attend the Thy Kingdom Come event at Lambeth Palace, England. Thy Kingdom Come is a wonderful prayer initiative of Archbishop Justin Welby and led by the Church of England. CV has partnered with this initiative for the past three years and we have produced film content that communicates the […]

CV community teams are constantly engaged in conversations with people who reach out to us using the chat feature in the yesHEis App. Often, these people are Christians who are searching for encouragement and help to share their faith. Community teams sometimes ‘snooze’ conversations, which means that they set reminders to return to certain conversations […]

Last year we launched the Happiness campaign. It was aiming to help people find Jesus through questions like: ‘What is happiness?’ and ‘How to really be happy in life’. As we had hundreds of conversations in response to this campaign, we stopped advertising it. Our French Community Manager got the chance to connect with a […]

I met Amari* in Kuala Lumpur, right after the CV Conference in 2018 ended. I decided to stay for a few more days to explore the city and booked in to a youth hostel where I met a young man. Both of us didn’t know anyone else in Kuala Lumpur, so we went out for […]

In a CV EUROPE Valentine’s day video, several couples, aged between 20 and 70-years-old,  share their thoughts on falling and staying in love with us. They talk about major barriers they encountered and how they have overcome them. Jesus plays a special roll in all of their relationships. Watch the video here.