Work as a Peacemaker: China

Hello from the yesHEis China community team! We want to share life-encouraging good news with you. Our team initiated the Peacemaker campaign in November, inviting yesHEis followers to complete daily tasks that would help them to develop a peace-making character. We want to share one of the amazing stories that reached us through this campaign with you.

A girl named Wang Fang* was a law student and had just begun an internship. After she participated in the Peacemaker campaign, Wang Fang told us about her supervisor at the internship and that she almost felt like they had a mother-daughter relationship. The girl felt compelled to share about Jesus and the Holy Spirit with her supervisor, but she couldn’t find a natural way to bring up the topic. We encouraged her to bravely follow God’s calling and bring Jesus to her workplace.

We helped Wang Fang to better understand God’s character and the gift of a new identity as a Christian, so she could share about Him more easily, with anyone anywhere. We also gave her practical tips on telling others about God that could help her to become a peacemaker after Jesus’ heart. Wang Fang quickly put our tips into practice. Together, we prayed for more peace-sharing and relationship-building opportunities in her workplace, so she could bring God’s love to her colleagues.

Wang Fang signed up for the Peacemaker campaign study course four times. She used to be afraid of sharing about Jesus, but now things are different. She intentionally includes her colleagues in her prayers and follows God’s calling proactively by constantly praying for the workplace. She is making steady progress in becoming a peacemaker.

Wang Fang took a big step of faith on the last day of her internship. She prepared some blessing notes and oranges as gifts for her colleagues. Courageously, she told them how beautiful her life is with Jesus and encouraged them to invite God into their lives.

Please pray for Christians around the world to be as courageous as Wang Fang and share God’s love and good news with their colleagues, friends and family.


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