‘R’ is a term now being used frequently and one I am sure we are all becoming familiar with. ‘R’ is the rate of reproduction of a virus. 

This means that if ‘R = 2’, every infected person will infect an average of two more people, paving the way for rapid spread of the virus. Governments are seeking to keep R below one (1), which prevents the virus from reproducing itself, causing it to ultimately die.

When it comes to the Great Commission – what is your R number? 

Above one (1), facilitates Christianity growth similar to that which has been occurring in Brazil over the past 50 years.

Below one (1), sees a decline in Christianity similar to that which has been witnessed in Europe over the same period.

The mathematics is simple: the more people you tell about Jesus, the more that will follow him. And, if we fail to tell them, decline is inevitable. 

Governments have been trying to lower R by sending us into lockdown; a time where we avoid contact with others and stay home as much as possible. 

From a Christian standpoint, however, if we don’t connect with people our R will drop. Fortunately for us, connecting is something we can still do online.

We don’t want Christians to be in spiritual lockdown. 

Christianity should be contagious. It is good news. We want to tell it, we want to spread it, we want the Jesus contagion to infect everybody. 

They say once you have had the virus, you are immune. Similarly, once you have the Jesus contagion, you are immune to the consequences of sin and death as heaven is prepared for all those who love him.

We thank God for using this present situation to encourage people to seek him. Let us aim for an R number of 30, or 60, or 100. It is possible because people only need to connect with you to catch it.


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