Thousands Introduced to Jesus: Impact Madagascar

Thousands of people are being introduced to Jesus on the island of Madagascar, through the National Pioneer’s Initiative (NPI)!

Since we commissioned our first group of NPI pioneers in February 2017, the NPI in Madagascar has grown in leaps and bounds. With 24 local missionaries working across the arid south-west of the island, we have seen tens of thousands of people in some of the most remote places introduced to Jesus. Recently, we were able to train and release another 15 individuals, this time in the south of the island, in the town of Fort-Dauphin. We are very encouraged by the strength of this new group, and pray that God would use every individual to make a Kingdom impact!

The release of this new group of 15 pioneers enables us to reach the unreached, by extending our activities to the far south of the island into an area that hasn’t previously been well covered by missionary activity. The NPI is now effectively covering a vast swathe of the south of Madagascar, from the eastern to the western shore.

We’re looking forward to seeing thousands more people introduced to Jesus as we work to reach the unreached in the far south of Madagascar.

Please pray for our new pioneers, that God would not only protect them and guide them as they traverse isolated areas of Madagascar, but that He would use these individuals to impact thousands with the Gospel.


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