About a decade ago in Madagascar, 51-year-old Aadan* lost his eye-sight suddenly. Doctors had no explanation for the phenomena nor a solution. 

Aadan’s journey thereafter was challenging. Having suddenly lost his vision, he was now dependent on everyone around him. However, things started to change last December when a colleague of one of our pioneers from the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) visited Aadan. It was at this time that Aadan started hearing the gospel and welcomed Jesus into his life.

Since then, the pioneers have visited Aadan daily to share the gospel and pray over his eyesight. Though Aadan doubted he would notice any change, the pioneers diligently showed up day after day and prayed with him. By the end of January 2021, Aadan had begun to see movement.

It’s been nine months since this commitment to pray for a miracle, and today Aadan can see up to 100 meters.  Aadan’s neighbours and community have all been witness to this transformation and, when they ask Aadan about it, he gratefully shares the miracle that Jesus has performed in his life.

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