The Gospel Brings Peace in War: Venezuela

“Blessed is the man that trust in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord. “ Jeremiah 17: 7

We praise God for His grace and peace that has been poured out upon us and has sustained and strengthened us in this very difficult time in Venezuela. The country is divided, there are two leaderships, two parallel governments. On one side, we have Juan Guaidó, who has proclaimed himself president of the country and has the support of more than 80% of the population. He also has some international supporters. On the other side, there is president Maduro, who is not willing to resign and, unfortunately, has the support of the Armed Forces and the Supreme Court.

Our main concern is that there could be a civil war in the country. We are trying to live our normal life here, but the truth is the situation at the moment is very tense. There is repression, the country is in total disorder. People are being arrested, especially young ones, and there are rumours that many are conscripted for the militia. The news reports say that 40 people died already, but we know the number is much higher because there is an order to kill those who protest against Maduro’s government.

At the moment we live in hope that something will happen soon. We pray to God that he may have mercy on this nation that has been oppressed by a dictatorship for so long. The churches stand united and pray that a new time will come for Venezuela, knowing that everything will be done according to God’s will, placing all hope in the Lord who has the control of everything. Fortunately, the opportunity to preach the Gospel is being taken very seriously by our missionaries and pioneers here, especially in these hard times.

Please pray that everyone who hears the Gospel would feel strengthened and have God’s peace in their heart.


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