Strength in Numbers

In an initiative to introduce Jesus to non-believers through the use of the media, CV Indonesia took part in the Media Gathering Partnership (MGP) meeting recently. The event, organised by one of CV’s partners, aimed to unite various media ministries throughout the country so that they could learn from each other and look for more effective strategies for outreach.

CV has long believed in the power of partnership and the unity that is created when people share a common vision. The MGP’s ability to bring a myriad of people together has proven to be a blessing, reinforcing our belief in the effectiveness of collaboration.

The MGP’s media-to-movement strategy began 10 years ago, connecting media with on-the-ground movements. In the early days, it involved only a few media entities. Fast forward to the present, and the initiative has grown exponentially, with between 10-15 ministries actively participating this year.

Thanks to the collaboration of these ministries, more than 350 people per month are connected from the online sphere to on-the-ground activities. The approaches used include chatbot interactions, manual engagement, contextual content delivery, and addressing felt-needs.

CV Indonesia showcased their social media practices, emphasising the strategic use of chatbots in their outreach efforts. They shared how chatbots can filter online interactions, enabling a more targeted engagement strategy. By using this method they are able to prioritise people who are genuinely seeking information about Jesus, while filtering out disruptive or insincere interactions.

The event was an incredible opportunity for CV Indonesia to reaffirm the organisation’s commitment to innovative and collaborative approaches in evangelism. As the media-to-movement strategy continues to grow, the shared wisdom and broad range of strategies promise to make a lasting impact on reaching people with the gospel.


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