Steps of Faith

A CV pioneer with deep roots in the Fulani tribe met a man named Abdul* during a time of dire need. Abdul was suffering from a painful and swollen left foot, and he was unable to get help on his own. 

When they first met, the pioneer guided their initial conversation towards Fulani tribal roots, establishing common ground for a deeper connection. Not long later, they delved into spiritual topics, discussing life after death and what it meant to be ‘right’ with God.

The pioneer, who shared a similar cultural background, approached the topic of the gospel in a manner respectful of Abdul’s beliefs. The conversation began with the ancient prophets, which bridged their differing perspectives.

As the discussion continued, the pioneer introduced the topic of Jesus. This proved pivotal, allowing Abdul to explore spirituality within a familiar context. Intrigued, Abdul openly expressed his fears about salvation, which led to a trusting relationship developing with the pioneer. They now have regular discussions about the gospel and religion.

The pioneer also extended his care beyond spiritual guidance, as he tended to Abdul’s injury. He provided medication for his swollen foot and prayed for his recovery, which greatly improved Abdul’s condition.

Please pray for Abdul, that he may give his life to Jesus. Pray also for the pioneer who is ministering to him, for continued wisdom to share the gospel with Abdul and the Fulani people.


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