Held annually in Northeast Brazil, Consciência Cristã is a conference event that draws thousands of people every year during the six days of Carnival celebrations. Aimed at sharing the gospel, the event offers Christians relevant and gospel driven content. 

With more than 100 talks, short courses, seminars and panel discussions, Consciência Cristã was broadcast live via the event’s own platform BlessS, and YouTube, which included real-time interaction through chat and social media. 

CV America’s Country Manager (Brazil) and Community Specialist (Brazil) joined the conference to talk to church leaders and Christians about the urgency for and opportunity in digital evangelism. They also discussed the digital internet tools that CV provides for evangelism and how every subscriber can be on mission 24/7. 

The two days of live content fetched over 15,000 subscribers and almost 500,000 views, with CV’s presentations alone accounting for 45,000 of these views!

Participating in the conference was a great opportunity for CV to serve the Church given the event draws an audience that seeks solid references on Christian life.

Following the event several new partnerships with local churches were formed, allowing for even more sharing of our evangelism resources and what we have learnt.

Click here to watch the 2021 teaser for Consciência Cristã.


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