A time like no other, this period of home confinement has pushed more people than ever before to search the internet for answers. 

Anxiety. Depression. Suicide. Grief. These are the issues today gripping communities globally and challenging CV to develop new strategies for direct evangelism. 

Thinking about these issues in the global context, the CV Latin America teams met to discuss how to use this opportunity to create a different and effective way of presenting Jesus.

Despite the restrictions imposed by confinement and social isolation, on April 1, 2020, “Algo Diferente” (“Something Different”) was born.

A regional project developed in Latin America’s two main languages ​​- Spanish and Portuguese – Algo Diferente seeks, through digital marketing resources and strategies, to introduce people to Jesus in more than 20 countries. 

Taking advantage of the unique opportunity for engagement, this new project also connects people with local churches with the support of our CV Outreach partners; another consolidated CV project that has already proven to be fruitful.

The name, Algo Diferente, plays on the idea of ​​bringing an unusual message to a society experiencing difficult times. A society in which people are seeking something life-changing.

The objective of this initiative was to carry a message of love and hope by talking about something different; something that is capable of changing perspectives and, above all, transforming lives.

In the two months since its creation, Algo Diferente has generated an explosion of introductions to Jesus; 8,092,556 in fact! 

This growth is possible because of the unique circumstances in which we all find ourselves. For the first time we are seeing massive increases in internet traffic by people searching for answers online.

We thank God for his immense grace because despite all the challenges that humanity is currently facing, he has given us the creativity to swiftly develop a project that is already proving to be a great blessing for millions of people.

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NB* Latin Americans are very active social network users. There are about 530 million people with a thirst for digital content, and the majority of these users share not just their Christian backgrounds but an openness and acceptance for talking about Jesus.

At the same time however, big brands and organisations use this opportunity to distract and spread messages on varying subjects that divide and polarise opinions.

Nonetheless, in this context, where people and cultures are so close and yet so different, we can always share a message of unity that has Jesus Christ at its centre.


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