Sharing Faith Through Art

The Plugged Artists Community recently hosted a Connect Night in the heart of the Philippines, fostering a sense of creativity among Christian artists. The gathering aimed to provide a platform for creative minds to collaborate, connect, and express their faith through various talents.

With an emphasis on showcasing the glory of God through art, the event brought together artists from diverse creative disciplines, including musicians, visual artists, writers, videographers, and content producers. It became a true celebration of the potential for creativity when combined with a deep-rooted faith.

Approximately 100 people attended, including Christian leaders, influencers, and artists from all walks of life, contributing to the diverse and inspiring atmosphere of the event.

The event held particular significance for CV Philippines, as it opened many doors for yesHeis, an initiative of CV, to collaborate with influential Christian artists. These collaborations will result in content creation that mobilises young Christians to evangelise.

Representatives from the yesHeis team were invited to share a message of faith and promote the initiative to all in attendance. The exposure gained through the Connect Night provided a unique opportunity to link into a wide community of influential Christians, which promises further growth and engagement.

This gathering marked the beginning of an exciting journey where faith and creativity converge to create a positive impact on the hearts and minds of not only the artistic community but those beyond. It also demonstrated the immense potential for artists to use their talents as a powerful tool to express their beliefs and touch lives.

To learn more about yesHEis, visit their website at this link:


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