Madagascar Church Flourishes

One of the greatest joys of the National Pioneer’s Initiative (NPI) lies in recognising the impact that an outward-focused, evangelistic mindset has on the local church. When evangelism becomes the focus, the church itself is often revitalized and energized as a result.

One of the sending congregations involved in our NPI on the island of Madagascar, the Assemblies of God congregation in Tulear, is the embodiment of this idea. As they have sent more pioneers into surrounding communities, God has opened more and more doors for them to share about Jesus in their area. One of the ways in which this is done is through a small Christian radio station established by the church a few years ago. As the reach of this church has grown, the importance of the station as a source of encouragement, discipleship and evangelism has also increased.

Recognising the unique value of this project, the CV Africa team was recently in a position to connect the church with some much-needed replacement equipment, including microphones and headphones, to ensure the continuation of this work. A number of volunteers from the congregation are involved in running the station, and it’s encouraging to see how this church is flourishing through this and a number of other projects – all of which started with a sincere desire to reach the lost in their community

Please pray that our sending congregations will continue to flourish.


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