Salvations Through Jesus Bot : Australia

modern Christian media

This month we started a new Facebook page that connects people interacting with us to a bot conversation. This innovative use of modern Christian media is called “Jesus Bot”. We started this page with the question, “Can a bot actually lead people to Jesus?” The answer is yes!

Friday October 13th was the inception date of the “Jesus Bot” and by Sunday the 15th we saw our first salvation. Thankfully our human interaction was able to tell this precious man from Papua New Guinea that drugs were not better than Jesus, and he made the leap of faith to give Jesus control of his life.

Our salvation tally reached four salvations within eight days, two of which have been lead through a prayer by the “Jesus Bot”. One of those was partially human led.

Simon* chose his own pathway to be lead fully by the bot in a prayer to make Jesus boss of his life. This was a re-commitment. Simon had made a decision in 2016 but was struggling with what he described as omens. Our human interaction then followed up to pray and chat with him, and this was his response: “Thanks for contacting. It’s been good, I got a good Sunday learning God’s teaching. Thanks for your prayer, and this awesome project too, glad to say that YEAH THANKS GOD IT’S WORKING! I feel like He heard my prayer and our relationship just gets warmer, like it used to be. So grateful to know that he hasn’t ignored me no matter how high my pride is. Thought I could make things by myself, but still I am just a weak kid before Him.”

Please pray with us that we can ensure all four people are well connected into a church family, and any attempt by the enemy to draw these precious ones back would be thwarted. In particular, we haven’t had contact with our guy from PNG for a number of days and there is no church on the island in which he is located. Please pray that we can contact him again and connect him to other believers.


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