Restoring Faith in God’s love

In a small town in Zimbabwe, a 26-year-old woman found herself at a crossroads in life. Disappointment and heartache had left her questioning her faith in God. 

She had always been a devoted member of her church, remaining faithful and committed, but her decision to save herself for marriage had been met with disappointment in a failed relationship. 

She began to question why God had allowed such pain to enter her life. Feeling lost and disillusioned, she turned to destructive coping mechanisms. Drinking and engaging in unhealthy sexual relationships became her way of numbing the pain and seeking solace. 

One of these toxic relationships involved an affair with a married bank teller, which only deepened her guilt and brought on immense stress.

Yearning for answers and a way out of her despair, she stumbled upon CV’s online evangelism content. She decided to respond, hoping to find guidance and understanding for her overwhelming guilt. 

By responding to the content, the young woman was connected to a valued ministry partner in Zimbabwe, where a pastor offered daily counselling and prayer through WhatsApp. 

Initially burdened with guilt, anger towards God, and a belief that forgiveness was beyond her reach, she began to find solace in the consistent support she received. 

Through the power of prayer and the unwavering revelation of Christ’s love, she discovered the hope that only Jesus can provide. 

The journey was far from easy, as the young woman struggled to break free from the daily indulgence in sexual encounters that she had become addicted to. However, with the ministry partner’s dedication and support, she rekindled her faith in Jesus and found the strength to turn her life around. 

Today, she is an active member of her church, having let go of drinking, partying, and engaging in destructive behaviours.

This young woman’s story is one of transformation and redemption. We pray that God will continue to guide her steps, leading her to a future filled with love, purpose, and lasting joy.

This process was facilitated by CV Outreach, where a seeker connects through online content and is directed to a ministry partner close to them.


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