Reaching millions – #goeverywhere


Since 2011, yesHEis has been working to mobilize Christians to share the Gospel with their friends. While our primary strategy is to equip people with the yesHEis evangelism app, we also ‘turn up the volume ‘ on sharing the Gospel once a year with the global #goeverywhere campaign.

It all started with a simple question – What if Christians around the world all decided to share the same story of hope – together?

And it was out of this idea that #goeverywhere was formed in 2014.

Now, each year, Christians are stepping out in boldness to share a video with a message of hope that can transform a person’s entire world. They pledge to share the #goeverywhere video on their social media page at the same time as other Christians around the world, and the results have been humbling. In fact – 2016 has been our biggest year yet.

Throughout September and October of 2016, social media newsfeeds were flooded with the Gospel as a result of bold video shares by 250,000 Christians. The 2016 videos, titled “Why I have hope”, were shared on Facebook timelines across 20 countries, resulting in more than 10 million views. Nearly a million people watched to 75% and were reached with the Gospel. This was all because Christians across the globe dared to be bold in declaring the hope they have in Jesus, together.

Those who watched the shared campaign video and had questions about God were able to write to yesHEis via the private online response system. yesHEis teams in 20 countries, speaking 10 languages, were available around the clock to answer questions received over the month of sharing, as well as pray with people who wanted to surrender their lives to Jesus and help connect them to local churches nearby.

At CV, we are about mobilising Christians to share the Gospel with their friends every day through the yesHEis app, but #goeverywhere is an opportunity for Christians around the world to do this together.


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