Rawa Project Opens Hearts : Middle East

Our new project is impacting young people and helping them address their feelings and issues of the heart while learning how to express them in a healthy and confident manner. “Rawa”, which literally means ‘to narrate ‘, is a series of videos tailor-made for youth groups about specific topics. Each video expresses a feeling from someone’s point of view using personal stories that the youth can relate to. The videos are always followed by small discussion groups to give the young people a chance to talk about their own stories and share their experience.

Recently, we had a very interesting event with the middle school youth in Kasr al Dobara Evangelical Church where we screened one of the videos discussing the feeling of ‘Fear ‘. Humans naturally feel fear, but the video questioned what do we do when we feel afraid. The 130 youth who watched it were eager to share and speak out loud about what they really feared in the discussion groups held afterwards. It was very encouraging to see how a video can help people open up their hearts and expose things that went undetected. It was interesting to see how a person’s fear can change the way they live! Helping them to face their fears and not hide away or act upon them was our main aim and they surprised us with how well they responded to the whole experience.

Prayer Request: we are in the process of introducing a theme tackling pornography and sexual addiction. That problem is rooted in the community; however, it’s a taboo that no one talks about or even discusses at churches because of the religious and conservative nature of the Middle East community. So while we pray, we also need your prayers so that we can make a change. Our theme would encourage people to make a decision to overcome their addictions. Please pray for Holy Spirit to guide us in producing videos and writing online in ways that will really touch people and make them take a step towards change.


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