Prisoner to Pioneer

When our Myanmar national pioneers first met Zin, he was homeless, jobless and living on the streets. One of the pioneers, Tin, spent time getting to know Zin and his story. Tin was amazed to discover that Zin spoke five languages (Burmese, English, Hindi, Thai and Chinese) and that he had spent 13 years in jail! Whilst incarcerated, a Christian shared the gospel with Zin
and he became a devout Christian and repented his sins.

When Zin was released from jail, he returned to his village but was rejected by his family and friends due to his conversion to Christianity. He was forced to leave his community. His Christian faith meant that Buddhists would not employ him and he was subjected to constant mocking, arrests and exclusion.

Eventually, Zin began attending a Methodist Church. He was welcomed there and a church elder gave him food and temporary shelter and introduced him to CV pioneer Tin. Tin discipled Zin and helped him to rebuild his life. 

Today, Zin supports himself by painting people’s homes and is an active member of Tin’s newly planted church. Zin engages in weekly evangelism activities, prayer and fellowship meetings and is being prepared by Tin to be a successor. 🙌🏼🙏


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