Prayer Over The Open Generation

October sees the launch of Barna’s ‘Open Generation’ report, a first-of-its-kind international research study that aims to help church leaders better understand teenagers around the world. Not only is this report a significant insight into what teenagers believe and value, but it will also form the basis for how many churches and ministries plan for future engagement with this generation.

This month, at CV, we will not only be praying for the launch of this report, we will also be praying for the churches and ministries who will take these insights and look to implement their findings.

It would also be short sighted to pray for these reports and ministries involved, without praying for the very people that these insights look to impact, the Open Generation (Generation Z). At no time in history has a generation struggled more with identity, belonging and the pursuit of truth, than the current generation of youth.

Let’s pray that this generation would not be known in history as ‘the lost generation’.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for Generation Z, that they would know the truth of who Jesus is and would live a life dedicated to him, living with a sense of purpose and belonging.
  • Pray for the launch of the Open Generation report, that this report would act as a catalyst for churches and ministries as they look to reach this younger generation for Christ.
  • Pray for churches and ministries who work with the youth, that God would give them divine wisdom and guidance as they seek to engage this generation with the truth of Jesus.
  • Pray for CV teams who work on platforms and initiatives that look to not only introduce this generation to Jesus, but seek to help mobilise them towards faith sharing.


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