Pioneers Bring Hope to Madagascar Amidst Widespread Corruption

Madagascar is currently facing a significant challenge with widespread corruption; however, the gospel is making a powerful impact in the country through the determined efforts of CV-supported pioneers who are striving to effect positive change.

In Tulear, these dedicated pioneers operate Radio Vonjy Laharano Velona, which translates to ‘The Saviour Radio Station with a Never-Ending Fountain of Living Water’. This radio station broadcasts the gospel message to those in need of hope and guidance.

One life that has been transformed by this radio station is that of Fred*, a police official in the southwest of Madagascar who previously misused his authority. One quiet night, he tuned into Radio Vonjy Laharano Velona and heard a life-changing message from the radio announcer discussing the insignificance of power and status before God, which resonated deeply with Fred. 

He recognised the need for change in his own life and sought guidance from one of CV’s pioneers, who patiently explained the gospel, leading to Fred’s acceptance of Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

Fred’s transformation has been remarkable, as he now uses his position to help others and shares his testimony of Jesus’ work in his life. His newfound faith inspired him to reach out to his fellow police officers, and many of them have also embraced Jesus, establishing a cell group and forming a gospel choir.

We pray that God strengthens these pioneers and that, through their vital work, many in Madagascar will find hope, redemption, and a renewed sense of purpose in Jesus – just as Fred has.

To learn more about CV’s pioneers, visit this link.


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