Hasan’s Godly Revelation

My name is Hasan and I love Jesus. From a young age, I was a devout Muslim. I studied at an Islamic school for seven years and then for three more years at an Islamic college. I have done the pilgrimage to Mecca and was an Islamic teacher for over a decade.

Through all of my religious studies the person that I was most drawn to was Jesus, not Muhammad. Every time that I read about Messiah Jesus in the Quran or heard stories of his miracles, I was intrigued and compelled to learn more. Over time, I became convinced that Jesus was our one true Saviour.

After five months, I shared my conviction with my wife. She was terrified that I would become an apostate. She urged me to seek prayer from a Muslim shaman. I followed her wishes but the more that the shaman prayed for me, the more I longed to know Jesus.

Worried, my wife urged me to fast and to pray for godly revelation. The result was that Jesus Christ came to me in a dream and said ‘I am the Saviour in this life and the next’. I remember that he was wearing the most beautiful clothes. He took my hand and explained that he was the one I was seeking and he offered me everlasting peace. 

When I woke, I did not carry out my daily Islamic rituals. Instead I called my wife and children to tell them of my dream. My wife said that if this was Jesus, we must receive him and find someone who knows him.

By God’s grace, we heard of a National Pioneer who was always talking to people about Jesus. He confirmed the truth of my dream. My family and I spent the next five months studying the gospel and we were all baptised.

Please pray that we will continue to be faithful servants and messengers of Christ.


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